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Building your fintech, SACCO or financial service

A critical foundation of starting your own Fintech is legal, regulatory, fiduciary duties, earning your customers’ trust, as well as you trusting that your customers are who they say they are. JengaAPI has integrated to the registrar of persons and other national and international databases to ensure you can validate and perform adequate customer due diligence before allowing them to use your service.

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National registrar of person database queries

With partnerships in the local and international banking, law enforcement and government space, JengaAPI provides an API, in certain countries that have a central database, with the ability to perform a check on a person’s identity.

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AML world checks

Through our partnership with Thomson Reuters, we are able to provide AML checks on any of your customers seeking to consume the JengaAPI services at real time. This is service is not provided on its own but as a complement to other services that you may subscribe to on JengaAPI.

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