Extend loans and credit to the right customer for the right amount and build loyalty and value add services to keep your customer hooked.

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Credit insights

Make sound decisions when advancing credit to your customers. Our JengaAPI Credit score API easily provides financial institutions and those looking to give loans to their customers with secure access to Credit Reference Bureau (CRB) Services.

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Multiple data points

The hardest thing about giving loans is understanding the affordability and ability of your potential customer(s) to repay. JengaAPI provides an aggregated scoring API that factors in multiple data points to provide you with a unified and comprehensive understanding of your customers. Explore our Credit API to get further details.

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Country contextualization

Every country in Africa is unique and has different nuances specific to its culture, social fabric, economic, legal and regulatory environment. JengaAPI abstracts these complexities for you and gives you a simple and easy standardized utility of the CRB data across these countries.

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